The song „Mary Ann“of the debut album “Iron Skies”, which will be released through Dr. Music Records on October 14, 2016, is about a ruthless femme fatale, who left unpredictable and cold-blooded an aisle of devastation. The by Lonien Films atmospheric and lots of emotions staged video clip transports perfectly the message of the song in breathtaking pictures, which inspire with their late summer retro charm. HIOB AD let their audience with “Mary-Ann” travel back into the summer, where it can follow the femme fatale on a special kind of road trip in an old VW Bulli through a barren but beautiful landscape of South European rocky landscape. The video, produced in Southern France, creates pleasant melancholy of just passed by warm summer nights with good friends and some bottles of red wine. The melancholic Rock music with Grunge parts is a wonderful soundtrack to that.

„Open Your Eyes“ is an encouraging anthem, which suggests to the listener in a dramatic way to open his eyes, because it could be soon too late otherwise. In the second verse in a socially critical manner the imperialist war of the elites on the backs of innocent people and the turning away of the privileged consumer society was condemned. Nevertheless, the song conveys the certainty of remaining hope for an end of these conditions.